BOSS… Yes, a Massage Therapist BOSS…NOW!!!

This is the post excerpt.

The word BOSS seems…well, counterintuitive for a licensed massage therapist.  But why not?!  Even though I am a bodyworker, a healer working in an environment of healing, why can I NOT be a boss!  Whether you work for yourself, a traditional spa or a franchise, WE ARE BOSS!  What does BOSS mean?

According to the traditional definition of a boss, it is defined as a person in charge of a worker or organization.  But the adjective meaning is excellent; outstanding.  I’m going to roll with EXCELLENT, OUTSTANDING.  We as massage therapist are BOSS.  I’m claiming it for all of us… AND SO IT IS.

We’ve passed all of our classes from Anatomy to Qigong, sacrificed time, money and energy to go to class and OOOOHHHH let’s not forget passing the National exam.  WHEW!!  I don’t know about you, but that test was hard.  But with perseverance, dedication, commitment and sacrifices… here WE are licensed massage therapist.  Licensed and practicing the amazing art of bodywork and healing of professional massage therapy.  Because of this and all the things that we love and endure WE ARE BOSS.

We as licensed individuals are able to use our licensure and skills to heal the public with trained massage therapy skills.  One by one each person on our table is able to reap the benefits of massage therapy healing.

Here is a copy of a massage therapist prayer.  I uphold it and share it with you here.

Let us heal one person at a time and Let us heal.


Let me dedicate my life today to the care of those who come my way.

Let me touch each one with healing hands for the gentle art for which I stand.

Let the Divine Force flow from me to you. Let our energy and spirit renew.

And then tonight when the day is done, Let me rest in peace if I helped just one.


Peace, Love and Light,

Terri L. Williams, Licensed Massage Therapist


A 15 years licensed and actively practicing massage

therapist, trained at The Swedish College of Health

Sciences in NYC.  Terri has massage thousands of aching

bodies in the Maryland, DC, Virginia and NYC area. Now, with

a thriving private practice in Maryland, Terri’s goal is to

assist other massage therapist through inspiration,

education, professional education and encouragement

to continue to grow and thrive in the industry and most

importantly to stay in the community of bodyworkers.